I've loved talking with people about "heart stuff" and cheering them on since I was a little kid.


It's ridiculous but true: when I was in second grade a girl on the the school bus told me she was unhappy with her life. We brainstormed things she could do to feel better and I checked in with her daily to assess her progress. {Are y'all laughing yet? I am!} I'll never forget the day she told me she was "cured." It was one of the proudest days of my elementary school career.

I know it's a goofy story, but it just goes to show that for as long as I can remember, I've loved meeting with people to talk about the deep stuff - the things that matter: God, hopes, dreams, goals, and all things in between. Many years later, I now hold a M.Ed. in Counseling and Leadership and a life coach certification. Now I get to spend my days doing exactly what God gifted me to do, which is to enter into the thick of people's lives to facilitate healing, growth, and freedom. I've brought my coaching practice online with the hope of seeing God work in the lives of women all around the world so we can walk in the abundant grace, peace, and life to the full that Jesus graciously extends to us in every moment. 

  • My approach to life coaching is to meet you right where you are to help you discover the marvelous woman God created you to be. I walk with you as you find healing and step into glorious freedom and the life you dream of. My coaching style is nurturing and kind, but I will also gently challenge you where you want to create dynamic growth. 
  • During our first free session, we will work together to create a vision for our coaching partnership. We will define the things in life that truly mean something to you, identify hidden challenges, shape life-giving goals, and uncover your dreams.
  • If we decide creating a coaching partnership is a good fit for us both, you will receive an email and coaching packet with all of the details including some pre-session homework (it's fun, promise!) Coaching sessions can happen on the phone, via Skype, and in some cases, entirely by email. 
  • After each session, you will receive summary notes and an encouraging email check-in from me to make sure you are on track to achieve the goals we outlined in the previous session.
  • You can expect to receive massive returns on this investment in yourself. 
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I received a M.Ed. in counseling where I trained and became well versed with numerous counseling modalities and practices including family systems, theories, human development, and career and lifestyle development. I gained post-master's experience as I facilitated the growth and healing of my clients in public agency + school settings. I now bring my skills and experience into my practice as a life coach, group leader, writer, and teacher.

I am a Certified Life Breakthrough Coach and a member of the Biblical Coaching Alliance.


Because coaching is a commitment to a process I offer coaching session packages. Multiple coaching sessions give you the opportunity to create long-lasting change and fully grow into your brilliance. Session packages are also a significant reduction from the cost of an individual session, so it's a win-win all around!

  • 4 coaching sessions: $80.00/session
  • 8 coaching sessions: $75.00/session
  • 12 coaching sessions: $70.00/session

You are worth the investment of your time, energy, and resources in life coaching. Promise.


If you are plagued with negative thought patterns, stuck in unhealthy relationships, or simply feel like you are in a life rut, allow me to partner with you as your coach. 

If this stirs something in your heart, email me to schedule your first free session today!