To the weary woman.

{Many women I've spoken with lately are worn down and they feel it deep in their bones. If you too find yourself in a season of weariness, these words are written for you. If someone is brought to mind while reading these words, would you consider forwarding this post to them for a bit of encouragement? Let's rally around one another in our weariness.}

Dear Friend,

I see you. You haven’t slipped between the cracks. You aren’t forgotten.


And oh, how I know. I know how you’ve grown tired of doing good. I know how you’re tired of feeling like you’ve been overlooked. I know how the idea of having hope for one more second seems like the last thing you want to do. You want to let go and sink down deep into the surging waters of bitterness that have crashed violently against your tender heart for so, so long now.

Oh, sister, I know how it aches.

But this season isn’t all there is to the story.

Weary is a season, but it isn’t who you are.

And what you’re doing, slogging through this hard season? It’s so beautiful. It’s so holy.

Because God is going to redeem it.

I ask this gently and with so much love: what would happen if we stopped fighting our weariness? What if we realized fighting a battle against these heavy, hard feelings is nothing but a massive energy suck? What if instead, we lifted our eyes from our weariness and said, even though I feel weary, I still love and accept myself because Jesus loves and accepts me? Even when I feel weary, I know who I am is not weary because who I am is the Beloved of Christ.

When you feel like you’re unseen, you’re not. God is with you, and he sees you, even in the midst of your weariness. He knows you better than you know yourself, and these things that make you question the entire world around you don’t make him flinch in the slightest.

So pour out your heart to Him and tell Him how it hurts. Keep pressing on. Do the next thing, then the next, and the next. Say yes to things that light you up and bring you peace in this tough season. Know that God is mighty in you, right in this very instant. And know that you are vivacious, even in the midst of the weariness, because God has chosen to give abundant life to you. He has made your heart His home. 

And what a beautiful home it is, my friend!