There's No Gospel of Hustle

The word on the street is if you hustle enough you can achieve anything, even the seemingly impossible. Here’s my confession: every time I hear the word hustle my stomach clinches tight. It’s not that I don’t believe in hard work, it’s just that the world has it all wrong.

When we hustle, we focus with laser intensity strictly on the outcome we can bring about in our own strength. “How many followers, likes, and subscribers have I gained this week?” we ask ourselves. "What's my bank balance? Where is the promotion?" When the numbers don’t hit the mark we beat ourselves up because the hustle isn’t giving us the payoff we long for. We’re left feeling devastated, empty, oh so lonely, and frankly, like a failure! Eventually, we brush ourselves off and hustle harder, hoping that somehow our followers, likes, subscribers, or bank balance will hit that magic number that will help us feel like we have arrived and have worth. That’s what the world tells us to expect, after all.

But in the Bible, there is no Gospel of Hustle. Instead, there’s Jesus and his grace. My soul breathes a sigh of relief as I read his words. I feel peace as he tells us with Him all things are possible. Jesus doesn’t tell us to seek after followers, likes, subscribers, or a certain bank balance. He asks us to believe in the plans he has that are far greater than anything we could dream up on our own. I think Jesus snorts with a loud, jovial belly laugh when we seek a certain set of numbers as a measure of our worth because in his eyes, he knows we’re thinking too small. He dares us to believe in the impossible. That’s his business after all, this business of the impossible: born of a virgin, turning water into wine, bringing people back to life, casting out demons, and healing illnesses. And oh, there was also that one time he rescued us all from death!

Yeah, I’d say he’s in the business of the impossible. And through it all, he never once uttered the word hustle.

So go ahead and dream big, pray for the impossible, and expect that he will come through for us because the truth is, he already has. And based off his track record, we can expect with complete certainty he always will.