The God of Completion

To the Woman Who Feels Stuck:

Things aren’t working out like you hoped, are they? Maybe you went to grad school, took out the student loans, raised your diploma high in your clenched fist as you walked across the stage in your cap and gown...only now, there’s no job in sight. Maybe you dreamed of being a mom your entire life and jumped up and down when you saw those two lines on the pregnancy test...only now, elbow deep in dirty diapers, runny noses, temper tantrums, and sleepless nights, you wonder if things will ever get better. Maybe you finally decided to boldly step out into that dream you’ve had for years and years, you bravely put your heart on the line and out into the world...but the only feedback you’ve gotten is the chirp of crickets. Or maybe you are overwhelmed by the mundane; the never ending routine of workouts, packing lunches, cooking  dinner, washing dishes, piles of laundry, grocery store runs, going to the office, staying late for meetings, taking care of an aging parent, paying bills...

Yes, I understand why you feel stuck. When dreams are deferred or life isn’t working out as we’d hoped, time passes so slowly it feels as though we’re wading chin-deep through thick Jello. Have you ever noticed how most of us respond in these moments? We tend to just try harder, strive more, and spin our wheels until we land in an exhausted heap at the mercy of an inevitable burn-out.

The burn-out comes because somewhere along the way, we’ve forgotten - and how easy it is to forget. We’re magnificent at starting things and putting them aside. (Blanket I started knitting nine months ago and haven’t picked up again since, I’m looking at you!) When we feel stuck, it’s crucial to come home to the truth and remember what’s written in our very DNA - we’re not stuck at all, because our God is the God of completion {Phil. 1:6}

When we find ourselves feeling stuck, it’s really just a gentle reminder to look back. Can you remember the passion that burned in your heart that spurred you to go back to grad school? Do you remember the joy that radiated from your face the day you discovered you were going to become a mom? How your spirit leapt when you finally stepped out into your dream? That emotion that bubbled up from within was God calling you to something greater than yourself. And God doesn’t start things and walk away from them. He is the God of completion.

God has called us and has equipped us to live our lives. Grad school, motherhood, that dream you boldly stepped out into, even the seemingly mundane...God called you to this life you’re living for a reason. God did it - not us. It’s really not about us at all. Every day, we forget and try carry the burden all by ourselves, but it’s not even ours to carry.

Which really frees us up, right? Remembering the truth helps us not take it all so personally. It helps us come into deeper surrender with our Father and say, God, I’m not sure what is going on here - I feel stuck, this isn’t working out like I hoped, but because you called me to this, I know I'm not stuck because you’re going to see it through. 

And he will - because the one who calls you is faithful, and he will do it. {1 Thess. 5:24}