It's Time to Get Serious About Loving Ourselves

Earlier this week I shared why it’s important to stop running on empty. Jesus asks us to love our neighbors as ourselves so we won’t find ourselves depleted and exhausted. He knows how easy it is for us, especially as women, to love everyone else well except our selves. But here’s the thing:

If we are serious about loving our neighbors as ourselves, we better dive headfirst into loving ourselves fully and completely.

I don't know of any woman who only wants to only sort of half-way love others, so why do we love ourselves half-way? When I work with women as a their life coach, one thing I often hear is a resistance to fully loving ourselves because so many of us have been told doing so is prideful and vain.

So we hide. While remaining hidden, we notice everyone else’s beauty, intelligence, humor, kindness, creativity, or skills and wish we had those same qualities.

I can’t help but wonder if the things we notice in others and wish for in ourselves are actually the same qualities that we hide carefully each day to not be considered prideful or vain. Maybe our hearts yearn for what others have because that same part of us is bubbling to get out and be seen.

Loving yourself isn’t prideful. Loving yourself isn’t vain. Loving yourself is holy and beautiful when you remember you were created to reflect God’s splendor. You bear God’s fingerprints.

And when we don’t love ourselves? When we bash ourselves or hide? What does that say to the one who made us with careful intention? He could have made us any way he wanted, but he made us the way he did on purpose. When we love ourselves, it’s simply an act of gratitude to God, a message of thanks for the masterpiece he created.

So today, let’s shake off the lie that loving ourselves is bad because it’s not. Loving who God made you to be is such a good thing. Let's love ourselves well so we can love others well, too.