Every no is really a yes.

As women we seem to have a serious phobia of saying no. Trust me, I get it. We say yes when we want to say no because we fear disappointing people we love, we worry about missing out, and we want to prove to ourselves {and the world!} we can do it all. When we say yes to things that don’t align with our hearts or to the mission God has given us during this season of our lives, all we are ultimately left with is a feeling of disappointment and frustration with a side of guilt and shame. Want to know why we feel that sting?

Every yes is really a no.

Seriously. Think about it. Every time you say yes to something you don’t want to do, you are also saying no to something you actually want to embark on. For example, every time you say yes to reporting to the job that you cry over as you drive to work each morning {been there!} you are saying no to the job that would light you up. When you say yes to checking your social media for the nineteenth time today, you are saying no to time spent in laughter with your family or friends. When you say yes to mindless TV reruns, you are saying no to dusting off your old art supplies and getting messy and creative. Now, it’s your turn. When I say yes to ________________, I am saying no to _____________________.

Recognizing that every yes is really a no is a freeing concept because it works the other way around, too:

Every no is also a yes, friends.

Saying no needs to be a priority so we can say yes to the things that truly mean something. We have a short, finite time on this planet. God has us here for a purpose. We don't want to waste our time saying yes to things without value or that don’t fuel us forward on the mission God has created me us. I don’t want this to be the kind of life you live, either.

It's your turn: When I say no to _____________________, I am saying yes to ___________________________.

I dare you to get a little bold and fill in the blanks in the comments below!