Why we need to stop fearing mistakes.

Last week I rode shotgun on a good old-fashioned road trip across the US of A. Somewhere along the journey I saw a quote on a cheesy inspirational calendar that made me do a double take. I can’t remember if I saw it in a grungy gas station or in some hole-in-the-wall restaurant but I guess that doesn’t really matter. What counts is that I still remember the quote perfectly:
“Freedom without the ability to make mistakes isn’t freedom at all.”

Guys, can I be honest with you? I’ve been feeling a little stuck these past few months. After sweating it out I finally realized that I’ve been afraid to move forward in several areas of my life out of a deep fear that I’d somehow get off on some crazy path, not be able to find my way back home to my heart, and life as I know it would be ruined.
Ahem.  Dramatic much?
I’m sure nobody else can relate. {Insert sarcasm here.}
Have you ever noticed when we look back on the places from our past where we “messed up” we call them lessons, but when we look forward to the future, we get a little bit desperate to avoid falling flat on our faces, hitting rock bottom, or making a mistake? Why is that?
We know it’s for freedom that Christ set us free (Gal. 5:1) but it’s pretty easy to forget that sometimes. He didn’t set us free to be gripped with fear. He didn’t set us free to shiver uncontrollably in the corner with worries of getting off course. He set us free to be his girls and to lavish tons of love on us.
So I’m preaching to myself today to remember that God works all things together for our good. When we’re walking with him, even if (more like when!) we make a mistake? He’s promised he’s going to work it out for good. Which is pretty good news, huh?
Today as we remember that God's set us so free that we don’t need to fear making mistakes, let's allow joy to weave its way through our hearts because it's something worth celebrating! In his kingdom, he makes even mistakes beautiful!
Yes, he’s set us free indeed.

Praying for you, gals!