Let's Have an ADVENTure

It all started one blazing hot summer morning in August. I was not so patiently waiting for my cousin {who is more like my sister} to arrive at my house. We don’t get to see each other nearly enough since she and her husband moved away, so any chance we get to be together is wonderful. But this visit had kept me awake in anticipation the night before; I couldn’t wait to see for myself if her little baby bump was showing yet. We had dreamt of having babies our whole lives, and now, our dream was finally coming true since she was pregnant with her first baby!

To pass the time until her car pulled into my driveway, I sat in front of my computer and wrote about the verse God whispered to my heart on the morning I left for my solo adventure to Paris in 2012:

“Deep calls to deep...” (Psalm 42:7)

The verse was his commissioning and invitation to meet him in the depths of who he is from the depths of who I am. In Paris, I daydreamed down the ancient cobblestone streets, wrote in my journal as I meandered along the River Seine, gobbled up ice cream cones while I listened to accordion music, and prayed in Notre Dame. Each moment was deep worship that chipped away pain and agony I had carried with me far too long. In France, I met our Father in his depths and my depths were transformed. My trip to Paris wrecked me completely, transforming the way I saw God, myself, and the world. My life was altered because deep calls to deep.

Before Paris I did lots of writing but I never did anything with it beyond dreaming about a day when I would be strong enough to the face rejection that is part of being a writer. After Paris, his grace was my strength. Because I knew his depths, rejection simply didn’t hold the same power over me anymore. So on that August morning while I waited for my cousin to arrive, I asked God to do something mighty with my words and I dashed them off to be considered for an Advent devotional. About a month later, I wept tears of joy when I found out my words were going to be shared with women from all over to help them make room for Jesus this Advent.

So this Advent, let’s have an ADVENTure together {I know, I know…that was so cheesy you practically need to pass the crackers}. Let’s get a little bit wild and a whole lot of messy as we prepare our hearts for our King. Take some time to get quiet and worshipful, and meet our Father in his depths, expecting with complete confidence that he will meet you in yours. And when he does? Follow him wherever he leads. Because of this I am sure: when deep calls to deep, only good things follow.

Happy Advent, sisters!