Let’s clear the air.

Over the past two weeks, this blog has received a little buzz around the internet I wasn’t quite expecting. It’s been lots of sweet with a little bitter mixed in. Truthfully, I’m grateful for both. When my little corner of the world wide web went live in 2015 I prayed it would be a place where women would dialogue about the things that matter most. While I love love love talking about fluffy, fun things like what music we’re jamming out to, what recipes we’re in love with, and which red lipstick is the best (Clinique’s Angel Red, hands down!), what really makes my heart leap is talking with women about the deep topics of life: God, friendship, family, our hearts, freedom, Scripture, love, life to the full…you get the picture.

The thing is, I definitely don’t have all the answers. I’m a fellow sojourner just like you. Writing is one way I meet with God to pray and grow as a woman and sometimes I feel led by the Holy Spirit to share that writing here on my blog. But I’m far from perfect. There will be times on this journey where maybe I don’t explain myself as well as I’d like. Maybe I’ll even put my foot in my mouth! There may also be times where we don’t agree with one another. And that’s okay! We are all daughters of God, and as long as we respectfully share our hearts with one another, I welcome the disagreements and the conversation more than you know.

I’m so grateful you’re on this journey with me. I'm truly humbled that somehow, in a world as big crazy as this one we live in, we have crossed one another's paths. Please know you’re prayed for daily and ferociously by me, friend.

Now, let's get back to the fun, shall we?