the search for authentic authenticity

Authenticity is a word I hear often on the Internet and in the books I read. I don’t want to put words in your mouth but I would dare to guess it’s probably the same for you, too. It’s all about the authenticity these days; authentic branding, authentic living, authentic style…

Now, don’t get me wrong; I am one of the biggest cheerleaders of authenticity to ever exist. Helping women step into authentic living is even part of my mission. My problem is, I can’t help but wonder if the word authenticity is used so freely that it is losing some of its truth?

What does authenticity even mean, anyway? According to the ever-trusty, the word authentic means something that is not false or copied. But a quick scroll through my Instagram feed suggests authenticity looks like cute graphics and photographs washed under the same pale, rosy glow of the Nashville filter.

I can’t help but wonder if in our quest for authenticity, have we begun to merely mimic others who seem to be living authentically?

Have we become more captivated by what authenticity looks like on the outside than by what it feels like on the inside?

If the answer is yes, how do we find our way back to dwelling in the holy space of authentic authenticity deep inside?

The moments that leave an imprint on your soul and evoke a visceral response within you are the birthplace of authentic authenticity. You know the moments well. Remember when you felt wrecked by the level of elation you experienced when you cradled your newborn baby in your arms and she drew her first breath? Remember how exhilarated and free you felt as the wild wind blew through your hair when you stood on the Eiffel Tower and looked down on the glittering city of Paris below? Remember the deep level of satisfaction you felt when you mastered your now famous chocolate chip cookie recipe? Remember how you felt your heart catch in your chest with delight when you finally kicked up into a handstand in your yoga class after you had been working on it tirelessly for months? Remember how alive you felt when, for one brief instant in time, you stopped wondering how your life looked to people from the outside and were overcome with feeling fully present and deeply alive?

Yes, you know the moments well because as you deeply felt, they left their mark on your spirit. That, my friend, is authentic authenticity.

And that is exactly what I want more of, and I want more of it for you, too. I want a life when I don’t even give a thought to how it looks from the outside because of the depth of feeling on the inside, the depth of communion with God, and the deep, authentic moments of love, grace, and peace.

When we feel it on the inside, we can use all the pretty graphics and Nashville filters we want because then, it really, truly is authentic authenticity.

So how about it? Are you in this thing with me? Comment below, I would love to hear your feedback!