How to Stay Steady in an Unsteady World

From the time I was a little girl who had freshly learned to walk all the way up through my moody teenage years, I spent the majority of my waking hours in the dance studio. Ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, modern...I loved it all. One important technique I was taught early in my dance career is a technique called spotting. Spotting is used during various turns and spins as a way to keep a constant line of vision in one fixed spot. When dancers use this technique, they are able to remain balanced and prevent dizziness, no matter how many spins they do. Trust me, using this technique makes a world of difference. Once as a (stupid) experiment I decided to complete a series of fouteés without spotting and I felt like I needed to throw up I was so dizzy. It was a one-time experiment I never, ever repeated again.

Even though my days as a ballerina are long behind me, I’ve been thinking a lot about the importance of spotting lately. While most of us probably aren’t pirouetting our way through life, we’re all focusing on something. My question for you is this: is what you’re focusing on helping you or hurting you?

Have you ever noticed that even our best intentions can get derailed? How many times have we embarked on a God-given dream with joy in our hearts, only to find ourselves a few months later more focused on the dream than the Dream-Giver? Have you ever been there? If your answer is yes, you’re hardly to blame. We live in a culture that shouts and screams until its blue in the face for us to chase after our dreams with abandon, no matter the cost. Culture demands we amass numbers on social media to validate who we are and to prove that our dreams mean something. What happens next should serve as a cautionary tale but continues to happen day after day: we buy into the lies, and what began as an opportunity to bring glory to the Kingdom shifts into something that brings anxiety, worry, and feelings of discouragement or even hopelessness into our lives. This world and its culture has a swift current that sweeps many of us away. Its undertow is strong. But God is stronger.

Nothing else in this world - relationships, jobs, dreams, material things...nothing - is steady other than God. He never changes (Hebrews 13:8). He’s everlasting (Psalm 90:2). He’s faithful (Psalm 119:90). Which means if we’re focusing on anything other than God, it may work for a while, but we’ll eventually get dizzy. How can we not? Everything else in this world is just too unsteady for us to gain stable footing.

God wants us to go after the dreams he’s given us. He equips us, after all (Isaiah 45:5). But he also wants us to keep our eyes fixed on him (Colossians 3:2) because he knows what’s best for us. He doesn’t ask us to keep our gaze on him because he’s an egomaniac. Instead, he gently beckons to us to look to him because he knows we need something steady to focus on in this volatile world.

When we find ourselves overwhelmed by life and so dizzy we feel like we want to sit the next dance out, we can let it to drive us to the brink or instead, we can view the world's madness as an invitation to shift our gaze and come back to His peace. So get out there to dance and twirl your way through your glorious life, keeping your eyes fixed on our Heavenly King, ever-trusting that by locking our eyes on Him, he will keep us steady.